Benefits Of Green Tea For Health 2017

Benefits Of Green Tea For Health 

Green tea has been relished by people in China and Japan for hundreds of years; it is becoming more widely known and appreciated in the West over time.

 Green tea has been known to the public has many advantages and benefits, mainly for health. But many people don't know correct explanation why and how green tea weight loss will help recover their health.
Benefits Of Green Tea For Health
Benefits Of Green Tea For Health 

 One of the reason is the green tea contains strong anti-oxidant able to prevent cancer. The research found of the fact that put into practice of taking green tea as a regular day by day diet possibly will decrease the risk of colon cancer, pancreas, bladder, rectum, and stomach cancer by 60%. Epigallocatechin Gallate (also referred to as EGCG), the most important of anti-oxidants agent in green tea is believed to have anti-oxidant strength of up to 100% higher than vitamin C and 25% more effective at defending cells from a harmful influences. EGCG not only can avoid the growing of the new cancer cell but additionally have the ability to kill cancer cells that are readily available and make the cells strong and health.

 Green tea lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) in our bodies and balances the amount of good cholesterol (HDL). This explains why tea drinkers be able to eat a lot of cholesterol and still have an equally balanced cholesterol count. It can assist to prevent blood clots from forming which might inevitably lead to thrombosis, this is certainly of greater importance if you happen to consider that this is without doubt one of the core causes of heart attacks and strokes.

 Green tea also can assist lessen high blood pressure by overcome the angio-tension which causes blood vessels to narrow and cause high blood pressure. Polyphenols and Polysaccharides found in green tea are very efficient to reduce sugar content in blood and stopping from type-two diabetes.

 Green tea can also shield the liver from harmful toxic and hazardous chemical substances as contained in cigarette smoke and alcohol for examples.

 In addition, green tea is also good for oral health by stopping the construction of dental plaque and kill bacteria that produce bad breath problems.

 Green Tea also aids the prevention of free radicals from ageing you prematurely and gives your immune system a boost as a result of high concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids.

 Green tea also has antibacterial and antivirus components as well. This was demonstrated by research that showed the green tea can stop the spread of disease and accelerate the treatment process of flu and fever. This property is also able to prevent seven varieties food poisoning including botulism, clostridium and staphylococcus.
Benefits Of Green Tea For Health
Benefits Of Green Tea For Health 

 If you've got problems of dehydration, green tea can also be available to stop the dehydration process by helping the body to balance the fluid in the body. Additionally it is capable of get rid of tension and fatigue caused by reducing of body fluids. Green tea is also frequently used as a key component in a good diet that assists you to supercharge metabolism and encourage the process of burning calories.

 Although black tea is obtained through the similar source of green tea, but black tea do not have a similar benefits and inherent in green tea. It's because the fermentation process during the manufacturing black tea reduced the original contents and benefits of the tea.

 That said, tea in any form continues to be beneficial to health just that some are more so than others. The best way to care for the nutrition of tea is always to drink it freshly brewed, without sugar or milk also to let the tea brew about 4-5 before consuming it.


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