Is Ephedrine Safe for Weight Loss

Is Ephedrine Safe for Weight Loss

  There has been a lot of controversy and debate regarding whether or not ephedrine is safe for use as a weight loss solution. In the United States Ephedrine is legal, however it is carefully regulated. A prescription needs to be obtained before it can be used and it can not be used for weight loss. Instead, it needs to be used for other ailments such as bronchitis or asthma. Ephedra is also found in diet supplements and is often used as an alternative to the prescription for ephedrine. There is no doubt, however, of the effects ephedrine may have on diet. As an appetite suppressant, the drug is highly effective. It also has properties of enhancing energy which can encourage more frequent exercise.
Is Ephedrine Safe for Weight Loss
is  Ephedrine Safe for Weight Loss

The proven effects of ephedrine and ephedra are the reason they are so frequently sought out by those who are looking to lose weight, enhance performance or increase energy. The question, though, remains as to whether or not the drug is safe for use. The FDA has had many reports of adverse effects of the drug when continually used. This is the reason for the drastic regulation of it. Not only is the prescription dose closely monitored but diet supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids are no longer legal. There are, however, other derivatives of ephedra readily available in dietary supplements. There is no proof that ephedrine, when taken in correct doses and on a temporary basis, causes any severe long standing effects.

Some of the reported effects that do occur are fairly severe. However, it has not been substantially proven that these effects occur in small doses. Some of the effects include dependence on the drug, heart problems, circulation issues, skin break outs, urinary problems, nausea, insomnia, dizziness, confusion and headache. In small doses, ephedrine can cause nervousness, jitters, dizziness and loss of appetite. While these can be irritating, they are not life threatening. In comparison to the positive weight loss effects, most people are willing to deal with the possibility of some minor discomfort.

Abuse of ephedrine is where the highest concentration of harmful effects occurs. People want to see even more dramatic weight loss in a shorter time so increase the suggested dose and use it for a prolonged time period and when this occurs, the odds of adverse effects increase. However, when used in recommended doses there is no proof that there are negative physical results. In fact, it can be beneficial when used as directed in order help maintain health and lose weight.


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